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Lisa Seaberg
Blog: Griffin Hospital News Releases

Community Corporate Cup Continues

By Lisa Seaberg on 5/12/2011

Darts, Orienteering, Horseshoes, & Mini-Golf Results

Griffin Hospital to Celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day June 5

By Lisa Seaberg on 5/9/2011

DERBY, CT (May 9, 2011) - Griffin Hospital's celebration of National Cancer Survivors Day®, the world's largest cancer survivor event, will begin at noon Sunday, June 5 in the hospital dining room. All cancer survivors and their family members are invited to join the celebration. This year's theme is "Another Year of Birthdays."

IMC Fireside Chat - Physical activity: Why, Where and When?

By Lisa Seaberg on 4/8/2011

DERBY, CT (April 8, 2011) - The Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital will present "Physical Activity: Why, Where and When?" from 5:00 - 6:00 pm Thursday, April 21 at the Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital.

Griffin Hospital to Offer Free Four-Week Nutrition Class Beginning in May

By Lisa Seaberg on 4/4/2011

DERBY, CT (April 4, 2011) - Griffin Hospital will offer a free four-week nutrition course beginning Wednesday, May 18.

Are Healthful Foods Really More Expensive? A Cost Comparison of More and Less Nutritious Food Choices in US Supermarkets

By Lisa Seaberg on 3/25/2011

DERBY, CT (March 25, 2011) - A common belief is that foods that are "good for you" are more expensive than those that are less healthful. However, the results of a recent study contradict the notion that food shoppers must either spend more money to eat a healthful diet or save money by sacrificing the nutritional value of their food selections.

CDW-G 2011 Corporate Cup Bowling Champions

By Lisa Seaberg on 3/25/2011

MILFORD, CT (March 25, 2011) - At this year's Corporate Cup Bowling Tournament on March 12, Evelyn Allen did something no one had ever done before during a Corporate Cup Bowling Tournament and CDW-G was the winner as a result. Evelyn was perfect on her first game of the day! Her 300 game and 731 triple were both tournament records. Another tournament record was the total pin fall of 2,348 that was set by the team surprisingly named "Team I Don't Knows". That broke the previous record of 2,304 set by United Illuminating in 2001. Evelyn's skilled teammates were Corey Goodman, John Prestiano and Walter Veillette. Second place Fletcher Thompson knocked down 2,134 pins, Spectrum Plastics #1 came in third place with 2,037 pins and the PerkinElmer Pin Knockers came in fourth place with 2,019 pins. View event photos, video, and information.

Spring Forward! How to enjoy Spring with fewer allergies

By Lisa Seaberg on 3/10/2011

DERBY, CT (March 10, 2011) - On Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 4:45 PM, the Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital will present "Spring Forward! How to enjoy spring with fewer allergies!," presented by Naturopathic Resident, Dr. Lisa Rosenberger. Register online at www.griffinhealth.org or by calling (203)732-1370.  This free session will be held at The Integrative Medicine Center located at 350 Seymour Avenue, Derby, in the Center for Cancer Care. Join Dr. Lisa Rosenberger of the Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital to learn about how your immune system functions and what causes allergies. During this talk Dr. Rosenberger will review common causes of allergic reactions both indoors and out, as well as discuss ways to reduce your reactivity through diet, lifestyle, and with nutrients and botanicals. Both Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine principles and approaches will be discussed. Bring your questions to this informative discussion.

"Nutrition Detectives" Program Teaches Healthful Food Choices to Elementary School Students and Their Parents

By Lisa Seaberg on 3/1/2011
Findings from a Study in Missouri

DERBY, CT (March 1, 2011) - According to a recent study conducted by the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, it takes less than two hours to turn students and their parents into "Nutrition Detectives", able to identify better-for-you foods quickly and reliably.

Yale-Griffin PRC Announces Launch of Innovative Regional Database of Public Health Programs

By Lisa Seaberg on 1/31/2011

DERBY, CT (January 31, 2011) - Prevention, health promotion, and chronic disease management programs have the potential to make a positive impact on our nation's health status and save the nation trillions of dollars in unnecessary health care spending. While wellness and prevention programs have been in existence for decades, they have never been shared in a comprehensive manner for large-scale uptake.

2011 Community Corporate Cup Kicks Off February 15th

By Lisa Seaberg on 1/17/2011

DERBY, CT (January 13, 2011) - The 2011 Naugatuck Valley Community Corporate Cup is scheduled to kick off at 5:30 PM Tuesday, February 15 in the Griffin Hospital Dining Room, located at 130 Division Street in Derby. Registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome. Register online or call (203) 732-1511.