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Personal Emergency Preparedness


Disasters often strike without warning. Not being prepared can put you and your family at risk for the dangers of natural disasters such as injury, illness, and the destruction of your home and property. By taking a few simple steps to plan ahead, you can minimize the impact of these events.

The Griffin Hospital Department of Emergency Management (EM) supports the hospital’s readiness and response to disaster-related events through mitigation, planning and exercises so that we can be ready to support the community in a time of crisis.

Additionally, the hospital can be a resource for personal and community emergency preparedness. Here, you will find a list of local, state and federal resources to help you develop a plan for you and your loved ones as well as relevant monthly topics for consideration. The Griffin Hospital Emergency Management web page is your link to personal preparedness.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Griffin Hospital Emergency Management Coordinator, Joe Burnett, at (203) 732-7195 or via email at

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