Griffin Hospital
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Volunteer with Griffin Hospital

We love volunteers. Won't you join us?

Volunteers play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of Griffin Hospital, providing assistance to patients, families and healthcare professionals and helping to make Griffin Hospital a warm and friendly community hospital. Volunteers support Griffin Hospital's mission of providing patient-centered care by offering their gifts of friendship, service, care, and compassion.

In key areas throughout Griffin Hospital and the Center for Cancer Care, our volunteers lend a helping hand to patients, visitors, and staff by providing hospitality services, amenities, and support services. Many of our essential Planetree programs and services would not be possible without the help of our dedicated corps of volunteers.

Fast Facts About Volunteering at Griffin

  • Our program operates seven days a week
  • Hours are tailored to accommodate your schedule
  • Volunteers are asked to commit two hours a week, with a 100-hour annual commitment for adult volunteers and a 50-hour commitment for student volunteers
  • Opportunities for all interests and abilities

Who is eligible to Volunteer?

Employed or retired, student or homemaker, teenager (age 14 or older) or adult, there are opportunities available to you through our Volunteer Services Program. All volunteers must be comfortable with patients, sensitive to their needs, and possess good interpersonal skills.


Ambassador Plus

Often the first person our patients and family members meet are our Ambassador Plus volunteers who are positioned in the main hospital and Center for Cancer Care lobbies and in our Emergency Department waiting area.

If you have an outgoing personality, good interpersonal skills, and the ability to escort patients to their destination, either by walking with them or by pushing them in a wheelchair, the Ambassador Plus program is for you!



Each day, volunteers bake muffins, brownies, cookies, and bread in kitchens located on Griffin Hospital's patient care units. Our volunteer bakers then deliver their goods to patients, visitors, and staff, distributing the flavors and aromas of home throughout the hospital.

All ingredients and supplies are provided.

Room Service

Room Service volunteers respond to the special requests of our patients, such as delivery requests for newspapers, DVDs, magazines, books, snacks, gift shop items, or companionship.

Good interpersonal skills, the ability to push our "Planetree Cart" (stocked with amenities) is required.


Soft Touch

Volunteers wishing to provide hands-on care to patients will enjoy this opportunity. In addition to conversing and providing a friendly visit, you will be trained to give a therapeutic, relaxing, and gentle rub either to the hands or feet of our patients.


Vital Patient Stories

If you are a good listener, have a flair with the pen, and compassion in your heart, this is the volunteer opportunity for you! You will be taught interviewing and writing skills to compose creative non-fiction accounts of patients' life stories

In addition to good listening skills, empathy, and compassion, volunteers must maintain patient confidentiality.