Even with the most caring and attentive doctors and staff, cancer care can often be overwhelming. It’s not easy to manage everything that’s going on, but having someone on your side, helping you navigate the course of your care and treatment, can make things a little easier.

Our Patient Care Navigator, Carrie O’Malley, RN, CCM, CHPN, OCN, is an experienced nurse who knows all about cancer care and does everything possible to make your diagnosis and treatment understandable and less stressful. She is committed to helping you navigate all aspects of your care.

Cancer Care Navigation Services

The Patient Care Navigator at the Center for Cancer Care, is available to help you by:

  • Working with your doctors to learn the details of your treatment plan.
  • Talking to you and your family about your needs — schedules, medications, transportation, etc. — and approaches that suit you best.
  • Communicating your needs to caregivers to make sure your doctors, nurses and therapists all work in a way that works for you.
  • Explaining your treatment options, to help you and your family make more informed decisions.
  • Providing tools to help you keep track of your doctor’s appointments, tests, treatments, and medications, so you and your caregivers always know what’s coming up next.
  • Helping you coordinate tests and services, and giving you reminders as needed.
  • Following up with you and your family to make sure you’re comfortable and well cared for throughout your treatment.

Questions or concerns about beating cancer?

Do you have concerns about your current health condition or questions regarding our approach to cancer treatment, recovery, complementary therapies, cancer programs, events or resources for patients and families? You can arrange for a consultation, a tour of our facility or submit your cancer-related questions here. You will generally receive a private response within two business days. For immediate assistance, please call 203.732.1261.