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Improve Your Well-being through Healthy Eating

Improve Your Well-being through Healthy Eating

Mar 01 2017

What we eat and drink play a major role in our overall well-being. Too much of the wrong foods can literally weigh us down and take the enjoyment out of life. Here are 3 nutrition goals that can help you get on the right track for a healthy and enjoyable 2017:

Control those portion sizes - It is no secret that restaurant portion sizes are generous, but often, we’re also over serving ourselves at home. You can start scaling down your servings by simply giving yourself less than usual and eating slowly to allow your stomach to fill before going for the second helping. If you need a visual reminder, purchase a portion control plate to see how big your portion sizes should for a sufficient meal.

Cut down on salt - Cutting back on salt can help you lower blood pressure, lose weight, and increase energy. A good way to start cutting back on salt is to increase the other spices in your recipes to increase the flavor and healthiness.

Replace your sugary drinks with water - Sugary drinks are loaded with empty calories and can leave you feeling more thirsty after drinking them. Start by replacing one drink a day with water and you’ll be surprised at how positively your body will react. Expect to feel less sugar cravings, more energy and, usually, quick weight loss.

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