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Tips for Financial Well-being in 2017

Feb 22 2017

The start of a new year is the perfect clean slate for you to set new financial goals. These three tips will help you kick start 2017 (money-wise) to ensure financial health for the rest of the year.

  1. Track your spending - It sounds so obvious and tedious, but writing down what you spend (or keeping track of it on a program or app, such as Mint) helps you get a feel for where you spend your money, where you slip up, and where you can tighten your budget to save some money. For example, instead of spending $30 a week on cups of coffee, try bringing it from home and see how much you save.
  2. Try a simple savings plan - There are hundreds of easy, step-by-step plans on the internet to help you follow a savings plan. Many are 52-week plans that advise you to set a certain amount of money aside each week. Stick to the plan, and at the end, you should have a little bit set aside to put towards the holiday season, or simply pad your savings account.
  3. File your taxes ASAP - When it comes to filing your taxes, it’s best to get it done early. You’ll get your refund faster. You’ll have more time to correct any possible mistakes made when you file. You’ll also have extra time to know what you owe (if you have a balance due) and make sure it gets paid on time. As an added bonus, getting your taxes out of the way early can reduce tax-season stress, and can be your first success in putting you in a better financial position for the upcoming year.