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Griffin Health is committed to the care and safety of our patients. Please call your doctor or provider before your visit. General COVID-19 information is available here. Questions about vaccination, testing, and assistance with VAMS call 203-204-1053. If you are currently eligible for a vaccination (CT State eligibility info) and have not already made an appointment, please call 203-433-3394 to speak to an appointment scheduling specialist.

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Happy New Year from The AgeLess Physical Well-being Committee!

Jan 11 2017

Are you looking to start your New Year’s Resolution? Does it include, “Exercise More?” We can help!

Recent research and articles show that exercise is truly “the magic bullet” for improving quality of life as well as duration of life! The keys to exercise are:

  • Get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity each week as well and twice-weekly muscle-strengthening.
  • If lack of time is your reason for not exercising, consider high-intensity interval training – short, all-out bursts of exercise provide unique benefits. These shorter interval training sessions are great if you’re short on time, and research shows that they can be just as effective as longer workouts!
  • Don’t forget to do some strength training, too. Cardio workouts are great to prevent you from getting winded climbing stairs, but building some muscle will help prevent injuries as well as burn fat more efficiently.
  • Join a gym! Remember that Griffin employees can join The Edge for FREE! (See Hospital Intranet for information)