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Plan for a Comfortable Retirement - For Free

By Griffin Hospital on 3/3/2015
The Community Health Resource Center at Griffin Hospital will host a free educational workshop on planning for retirement on Thurs., March 19 at 6:30 p.m.
Michael Alimo and David Weyner, of U.S.A. Financial & Tax Services, will host “Planning for a Safe Retirement,” a free workshop about techniques to help build a successful retirement plan.

Discussion highlights will include:
  • The three legged stool approach and how to support your needs in the future.
  • The money “buckets” in retirement….Taxable, Tax Deferred, Tax Free
  • Will I outlive my money in retirement?
  • How can I avoid this?
  • What is your money earmarked for?
  • Income, growth, preservation, legacy?
  • How does timing of Social Security impact my plan?
  • When should I elect benefits?
  • What are the effects of inflation and stock market risk on my savings?
  • How do taxes play a role in my future retirement plans?
  • What happens to my plan if/when my spouse predeceases me?
  • What impact can medical emergency and the potential need for Long Term Care have? 

This program is part of a series of free, educational forums hosted by the Community Health Resource Center in an effort to help improve the health of the community.
To register or for more information, call Kerry or Deborah at 203.732.7399.

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