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Talking to Your Parents About a Medical Alert Device

By Griffin Hospital on 12/20/2018

from Philips Lifeline

When your parent or loved one says they don't want to wear a medical alert device: What they're really saying is they're embarrassed and they don't want people to see it. You need to be truly empathetic. This is a real concern. It's not about vanity.

  • Show them how the pendant can be worn under clothes. Some devices can be worn on the wrist, like a watch. No one will even notice.
  • Choose a quiet location, a familiar environment, and speak in non-threatening, empathetic tones. You don't want to be negative, but be realistic.
  • If your parent has recently suffered a fall, been diagnosed with an illness, or has been feeling weaker, it's a good time to discuss the added protection a medical alert device offers.

Convince them to use a medical alert device so they can continue to live independently and to the things they love. To find out more information on how Lifeline can help you live independently call 1-800-242-1306 x 4722.

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