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Considering Birth Control?

By Christian Meagher on 9/5/2014

There are many different types of birth control for women, which can make choosing the right one a difficult task.

All types of birth control are effective when used properly, but not all methods are right for everyone. You should take several factors into consideration, including your overall health, how often you have sex, if you want to have children in the future and side effects.

Find your comfort level

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a birth control method is finding something that doesn’t make you uncomfortable. If you don’t understand a particular type of birth control or practicing it makes you uneasy, that can increase the ineffectiveness.

The types of birth control include:

• Continuous abstinence

• Natural family planning/rhythm method

• Barrier methods (Contraceptive sponge, Diaphragm, Condoms)

• Hormonal methods (“The Pill,” Patches, Shot/injection, Vaginal ring)

• Implantable devices

• Permanent birth control methods (Sterilization Implant, Surgical Sterilization)

Know the risks

Understanding each birth control method is not only important to their effectiveness, each type has potential side effects that you should discuss with your physician or healthcare professional before starting them.

These side effects include: heart disease, high blood pressure, blood clots, nausea, headaches, sore breasts, weight gain, irregular bleeding and depression.

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