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June 2021 Health e-Connection

By Griffin Hospital on 6/30/2021
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Health Screening Recommendations for Men

By Griffin Hospital on 6/15/2016
Getting into the habit of an annual physical is especially important for men. According to a recent ...
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Men’s Health: Take Control - You’re in the Driver’s Seat

By Griffin Hospital on 6/15/2016
Compared to women, men are statistically more likely to smoke, drink alcohol in excess, put off regu ...
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Perils of Fire Fighting: Too Much Heat and Too Little Light

By Janet Maurice on 7/16/2014
There is plenty of attention to what we think is the principal danger our fire fighters face: too much heat. It turns out that too little light is an even greater peril. We all share the same inner vulnerabilities, and the right response to them is awareness, and preventive maintenance. Republished with permission from David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP,  Director & Founder Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital.
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ED And Testosterone - How Being Shy Can Spell Trouble

By Janet Maurice on 6/17/2014
When it comes to health, being shy or ashamed about sexual dysfunction can be a very dangerous risk factor. Some men would prefer to avoid speaking to a doctor about their sexual health. Yet, while difficult to discuss, impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a telltale symptom for serious health issues.
Dr. Brian Sperling
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Be a Man. Go See a Doctor

By Janet Maurice on 6/9/2014
Even if you feel good, routine visits to the doctor are critical to long-lasting good health and waiting to see the doctor until symptoms are too bad to bear can make treatment and recovery more difficult.
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