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Christian Meagher

Take a tip from the Antarctic when walking this winter

By Christian Meagher on 2/17/2015
When braving the elements these icy days, remember these three “Ps” of safe walking – Plan Ahead; Pay Attention, and Penguin (read on, we’ll explain why this Antarctic species can teach you a thing or two about safety).

Lung Cancer: Know your risks. Know your options.

By Christian Meagher on 11/14/2014
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death around the world, but it can be treated effectively if those most susceptible know their risk. The key to finding cancer at the earliest stage is not only knowing the symptoms, but also taking stock of your lifestyle.
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Considering Birth Control?

By Christian Meagher on 9/5/2014
There are many different types of birth control for women, which can make choosing the right one a difficult task.
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A Simple Gesture of Awesome Appreciation

By Christian Meagher on 5/9/2014
It is practically impossible to recognize all that nurses do in taking care of the health and well being of this country. In honor of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), Griffin Hospital recognized its nurses with a special celebration and two simple words that carry a lot of meaning.

The Ins & Outs of Healthy Digestion

By Christian Meagher on 3/6/2014
The national focus shifts to colorectal cancer this month, and for good reason. Colorectal cancer causes the second highest amount of cancer deaths in the country and will be diagnosed in more than 136,000 individuals this year. However, colorectal cancer is just one of many diseases that affect our digestion system, and they all deserve attention. To help individuals get a full picture of the digestive system, Gastroenterologist Jeffrey T. Dreznick, MD, FACG, and Surgeon John M. Aversa Jr., DO, will host “The Ins and Outs of the Digestive System,” a free, two-part presentation on March 11 and 25.

Raising Awareness on Healthy Aging

By Christian Meagher on 2/20/2014

To help seniors have healthy retirement years and to give caregivers way that they can help their loved ones in the retirement years, Griffin Hospital will host “Healthy Aging” on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. in the hospital Meditation and Learning Center, 130 Division Street, Derby. Lionel Lim, MD, MPH, medical director of Griffin Hospital’s Geriatric Assessment Center, and Diane Betkoski, MS, RD, LNHA, of Griffin Hospital Lifeline, this free presentation will discuss and answer questions about health issues that develop with aging as well the growing need and challenges associated with caregiving.