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Janet Maurice

We don't want to pressure you, but everyone should get this test

By Janet Maurice on 2/4/2015
National Heart Month is a time when we all should learn more about the #1 killer in our country - heart disease. If there is just one thing you can do this month to help prevent heart disease, you should have your blood pressure checked.
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It’s more than just cold outside – it’s downright dangerous

By Janet Maurice on 1/8/2015
Winter’s chill will be hitting the Northeast with full force for the next few days, and the predicted sub-zero temperatures will make doing anything outdoors dangerous. The two biggest dangers freezing temperatures present are hypothermia and frost bite. While both of these conditions are extremely dangerous, protecting yourself from hypothermia and frostbite is not complicated.
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NO Resolutions, Just Do These 5 Things Today…

By Janet Maurice on 1/6/2015
Getting and staying on-track, no matter the path you've chosen towards self-improvement, is the key to continued good health. Call it what you will – a fresh start or a clean slate. New Year’s resolutions mean making investment in ourselves.
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In Connecticut, Breast is Best

By Janet Maurice on 12/31/2014
Breastfed children have fewer and less serious illnesses than those who never receive breast milk, including reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and less childhood cancer and diabetes.
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Successful Breastfeeding
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Having Health Insurance Is Just the Start to Good Health

By Janet Maurice on 12/9/2014
Primary care physicians are your medical point persons when it comes to finding a specialist. If you have concerns about different treatment suggestions from specialists, a primary care physician can answer your questions and help you decide which approach works best for you.
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Enjoy, not Destroy, Yourself Over the Holidays!

By Janet Maurice on 11/17/2014
Holiday foods are not “rewards” or “treats” or a reason to fall off the mindful thinking that you use every day. We all have family and cultural traditions of holiday foods, and the meanings behind them; that often follow us into adulthood. The connection is to people, not food itself. Holiday time often intensifies many people’s mental and emotional struggle with life issues.
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Diabetes is Slowing, But Awareness is Key

By Janet Maurice on 11/7/2014
In recognition of National Diabetes Month, the National Diabetes Education Program is bringing it back to the basics and encouraging everyone to understand diabetes and be aware of its symptoms and dangers.
diabetes awareness
diabetes awareness month
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Diabetes Support Group
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Patient-Centered Health Care: Where YOU are the MVP

By Janet Maurice on 10/22/2014
This October, Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, we celebrate our patients for the MVP's that they are. Griffin Hospital and hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world join Planetree, Inc. in Derby this October to commemorate the 8th annual Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month

Valley Parish Nurse Makes Heart Heroes in the Valley

By Janet Maurice on 10/16/2014
Throughout the years, VPN have trained many local government and school staff, students and lay people, and have helped secure AEDs. It has also helped cities and towns to earn Heartsafe Community status, a designation from the State of Connecticut for having AEDs in all or most public buildings and that the personnel in these buildings are trained in their use with CPR.

Raising awareness about breast reconstruction

By Janet Maurice on 10/3/2014
A breast cancer diagnosis brings with it many questions. One of the most difficult choices is whether or not to have a mastectomy – a surgical procedure in which the entire breast tissue is removed to prevent the recurrence of cancer. In recently years, many women have been opting to have a mastectomy not just on the breast where cancer is detected, but also on the other breast where there is no sign of cancer. ns ...
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