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"On-Track" Virtual Bariatric Support Group

Event Start Date: 9/14/2021 6:00 PM

Event End Date: 9/14/2021 7:30 PM

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Going foward, Support Groups will meet virtually - contact Eric Jeuland for more information at ejeuland@griffinhealth.org.

Our support and therapy groups for Connecticut patients are led by licensed psychological staff, who can provide you with specialized support and encouragement.

Your surgery is just the first step in your weight loss journey, and after your procedure you need to create a new, healthy lifestyle and stick to it in order to make the most out of your surgery. You will need to change your eating habits, perhaps places where you shop for food or eat out if they do not have healthy choices available, involve your family members in your new diet. You will also need to become more active and nurture your inner self as well. Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life is the key to achieving long-term weight loss success.

Griffin Bariatrics support groups address many pre and post-surgery issues including motivation, challenging negative and self-sabotaging behaviors, body image, depression, addiction issues, and more. In addition, support groups will make you feel like you are not alone.

You will hear about other support group members’ experiences, which likely will be very similar to yours. Hearing about problems you may be facing through somebody else’s experience is not only comforting but will help you solve these problems together. You can also get personal advice about successful strategies from our support staff and other successful weight loss surgery patients.

More about the "On-Track" Support Group

Event Email Address: ejeuland@griffinhealth.org Event Phone Number: 203-732-1100