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The Community Health Resource Center (HRC) at Griffin Hospital is a traditional free lending library that provides an array of medical and health information. The HRC contains a collection of easy-to-read health and lifestyle related materials for patients and their families to become better informed and make more educated decisions about the various treatment options available to them.

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If You’ve Suffered Stress Incontinence Once, You’ve Suffered Long Enough

For some of us, a good laugh isn’t something you look forward to.

Stress incontinence happens when certain activities add more pressure on the pelvic floor muscles which support and control bladder or bowel function. When these muscles are weak, leakage can be triggered by laughing, sneezing, lifting heavy objects, or exercise.

There is help

While this can be embarrassing and therefore a very sensitive situation, individuals who experience stress incontinence don’t have to suffer in silence or think that the situation is hopeless. There are several treatment options for stress incontinence, including ones that don’t involve medication, medical intervention or surgery.

Physical therapy

A physical therapist certified in pelvic floor therapy can help you learn how to control the muscles that specifically affect bladder and bowel function. The therapist will explain how your pelvic muscles function and teach specific exercises that can build muscle strength to help restore bladder and bowel function, and prevent those embarrassing moments.

“At The Center for Pelvic Health at Griffin Hospital, patients work one-on-one with our certified therapists to learn exercise that can be performed conveniently at home,” said Urologist Grace Biggs, M.D., director of the Center. “We’ll walk closely with you to assess your progress as you re-gain strength, restore your dignity, and get back to the things you enjoy - without being interrupted by a weakened bladder or bowel anymore.”

Visit our Center for Pelvic Health at griffinhealth.org/pelvichealth, or call (203) 732-2651 to schedule an appointment.

If you're providing care for a loved one, we've put together a set of videos that can help you understand everything involved.
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