Information about the Coronavirus

Griffin Health is committed to your care and safety. Please call your doctor or provider before your visit. General COVID-19 information is available here. Vaccination information is available here.

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Griffin Hospital is committed to providing high-quality, personalized, humanistic, patient-centered care. Our commitment has led us to design a care delivery system that focuses on the unique needs of patients and families. It has also driven our efforts to provide an exceptional patient experience using high-reliability principles and other best practices to ensure a high level of patient safety and superior care outcomes.

The Medicare program publicly released the last set of overall hospital ratings on February 28, 2019. Griffin’s current overall hospital rating is one-star. Prior to the current ratings, Griffin Hospital had been rated a three-star hospital since the inception of the Overall Star Rating program.

Griffin has prepared a detailed analysis of its latest Overall Star Rating, along with an explanation of the factors that led to its current one-star rating, which can be accessed here.

Prior to and since its latest ratings release, the Medicare program has been widely criticized by industry experts who have repeatedly pointed out flaws in the rating methodology. Despite these concerns raised and the Medicare program’s own acknowledgement that the rating system needs substantial revisions, the Medicare program still chose to publicly release overall ratings on February 28, 2019. the future of the Overall Star Rating system is now in question (click here to view). Griffin shares the concerns raised by industry experts about the rating methodology.

Though we do not believe a one-star rating reflects the quality of care provided at Griffin Hospital or the commitment of our physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff to our patients, we are committed to transparency. We have already made a number of changes that will positively impact future Overall Star It is unfortunate that some of the measures in the Overall Star Rating have a 3-year look back period and, as such, changes made today will take a very long time to impact what gets publicly reported. This too is part of the reason Griffin Hospital publicly reports its quality performance online. Patients and consumers can use the information to get a more real-time view of our performance related to quality, safety, and patient experience and make an informed decision about their care. For a detailed explanation of the factors that led to our Overall Star Rating, watch our video below.