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Griffin Health is committed to the care and safety of our patients. Please call your doctor or provider before your visit for the latest COVID-19 information and any safety precautions that may be needed to protect you. For more information on preparation, testing, visiting, and how to help click here. If you have COVID-19 questions call our hotline at 203-204-1053.

Let's Talk...Let's Plan.

Contact Advanced Care Planning

Plan now to ensure that your wishes for end-of-life decisions are understood, respected, and honored by loved ones and healthcare providers. It's easy and it's free. Get started now by calling 203-732-1255.

We Can Help You:

  • Identify a Healthcare Representative - We can help you determine and appoint a personal healthcare representative - someone who can make your healthcare decision for you if you are not able to do so yourself. You can also download the form here to start the process.
  • Create a Living Will- A Living Will provides specific instructions regarding the care you wish to receive at the end of life should you be unable to make these decisions yourself.

Advance Care Planning, or ACP, is the process of coming to understand, reflect on and discuss and plan for a time when you cannot make your own medical decisions.

Through effective planning and the use of advance directives, we can help ensure your wishes are respected and honored by your loved ones and your healthcare providers. This process will help you generate quality advance directives which provide you with peace of mind and comfort.

A representative from Griffin Hospital (during an individual counseling session or following a community conversation) can guide you in your decision making. Together, you can discuss options, review your decisions, and formulate a plan.

  • CPR
  • Intravenous Line (IV) - A tube placed in a vein to deliver fluid, blood or medication.
  • Long-term Tube Feeding for Nutrition Support & Hydration - Provision of food and water through tubes or IV when one is unable to eat or drink on one's own.
  • Ventilator - A breathing machine attached to a tube that is placed into the windpipe of a person who is unable to breathe on one's own.

Griffin Hospital offers free ACP services to members of our community. You can:

  • Meet one on one with a trained facilitator for individual counseling
  • Request a "Community Conversation" for a group
  • Become a trained ACP facilitator yourself

Make your wishes known. Contact us now at 203-732-1255 or acp@griffinhealth.org. If you want to learn more about advance care planning in CT, you can also visit Care Decisions CT at http://www.caredecisionsct.com/.

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