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Anticoagulation Clinic

A service for patients taking warfarin (Coumadin/Jantoven)

Blood thinners can help prevent health emergencies, but individuals on these medications need to be aware of potentially hazardous side effects. Anticoagulants make it easier for a person to bleed and can lead to some bleeding complications. These medications can have hazardous interactions with alcohol, other medications and herbal products, and certain types of food. Pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, cancer, kidney or liver disease and intestinal bleeding can also be affected by anticoagulant medications.

Griffin Hospital’s anticoagulation clinics offer one-on-one counseling regarding personal care and the interactions of warfarin (Coumadin/Jantoven) and testing to monitor adjustments in medication dosage.

With clinics conveniently located in Derby, Southbury and Shelton, Griffin’s anticoagulation management clinics are staffed by clinical pharmacists certified in anticoagulation management. The clinics offer PT/INR testing on-site – a simple finger stick to measure blood-clotting time – and dose adjustments are made during the visit.

Visits are covered by MedicareMedicaid and many other insurance providers.