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Griffin Hospital offers 20-30 week-long part-time “extended unit” programs of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) throughout the year. Please call 203-732-1100 for information on upcoming offerings. This program is intended to meet the needs of those active in religious and spiritual communities, seminary students, and others interested in spiritual care who wish to:

Application Process

Prospective students should contact Griffin Hospital’s Clinical Pastoral Education Program to find out more about the program. Candidates must submit the necessary application materials. Once materials have been reviewed, applicants may be scheduled for an admission interview. Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to provide spiritual care under stress and the ability to reflect on: Important relationships in their lives; Cultural and spiritual implications of significant events in their lives; Past experiences of giving and receiving care; and Experiences and emotions of care receivers they have served recently.

Program Application

Download CPE Program Application – PDF

Download CPE Program Application – Word

Download CPE Reference Form

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Important Information

About the Spiritual Care & Education Department

The Department of Spiritual Care and Education at Griffin Hospital provides spiritual and emotional support to patients, families, and staff. Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day seven days a week to provide spiritual care through direct patient interaction, crisis intervention, provision of religious resources, and assistance of area clergy members.

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