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Opening the Door to a Brighter Future

Important information for Stone Academy Students eligible for the OHE Teach-out Program

The Griffin Hospital School of Allied Health Careers administration and staff are delighted to share with former Stone Academy students all that our Licensed Practical Nurse Teach-out Program has to offer! We have been anticipating this opportunity to help you fulfill your goal of becoming a valued and successful caregiver.

A New Campus for New Beginnings

The 10-month Teach-out Program for Former Stone Academy Students will be held at our new Griffin Hospital School of Allied Health Careers Naugatuck Campus located at 1186 New Haven Road, Naugatuck. The Naugatuck Campus is conveniently located on a main bus route with spacious parking and plenty of nearby amenities.

We thoughtfully designed this spacious and serene teaching facility to provide you with exceptional education that will prepare you to be the next generation of highly skilled and patient-centered caregivers, featuring:

The simulation technology is incorporated in realistic laboratories for you and your classmates to practice as if you are in actual clinical situations, preparing you to thrive in a multitude of complex clinical practice settings so you can smoothly transition from classroom to clinical rotations at our respected healthcare partners:

How to Get Started

Click on the links below to complete your application and required checks and personal health information.

Practical Nursing Teachout Program Application

Practical Nursing Program Student Health Form

Once completed, please email the forms to PNprogram@griffinhealth.org and we will contact you to schedule pre-enrollment testing.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us at 203-732-7147, or PNprogram@griffinhealth.org. We’re here to support you throughout this process.

Best regards,

Admissions Team at The Griffin Hospital School of Allied Health Careers