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OSHA Seminars

Keeping your workplace healthy and safe.

In April of 2012, OSHA launched a National Emphasis Program targeting Nursing and Residential Care Facilities. This NEP results in the programmed inspection of these facilities to address hazards including (but not limited to) Ergonomics, Blood-borne Pathogens, TB, Workplace Violence, and Slips, Trips and Falls.

Nursing homes and personal care facilities have one of the highest rates of work-related injury and illness. Healthcare workers face a number of serious safety and health hazards, including blood-borne pathogens and biological hazards, potential chemical and drug exposures, respiratory hazards, ergonomic hazards from lifting and repetitive tasks, workplace violence, radioactive material and x-ray hazards.

Healthcare facilities also employ a full staff of individuals NOT involved with patient care who face their own risk of serious safety and health hazards. These individuals include mechanical maintenance, medical equipment maintenance, housekeeping, food service, building and grounds maintenance, laundry, and administrative staff.

The primary trigger for these inspections may be Ergonomics or Blood-borne Pathogens; however, once OSHA is in, they will check EVERYTHING.