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Hitachi OASIS Open MRI

Open MRI: State-of-the-art from Griffin Hospital.

.The Hitachi OASIS 1.2 Tesla Open MRI provides the best open MRI image quality in Connecticut, with short scan times.

The Griffin Imaging & Diagnostics Center at Ivy Brook was the first facility in Connecticut to offer this state-of-the-art MRI technology, which features:

  • 270 Degree Viewing Angle
    Unobstructed view for the best scanning experience
  • Patient Area Lighting
    Soft lighting makes the open design feel even more spacious
  • Wide Patient Table
    Allows easier positioning and more room to relax
  • SoftSound
    Technology reduces audible noise and patient stress
  • High-Speed Scanning
    Shortens the time patients spend on the MRI table, for maximum comfort 

  • Table Lowers to 20 Inches Provides easy access for patients with limited mobility, special needs as well as easy access for our pediatric patients.
  • Planetree Amenities
    Music and aromatherapy (bergamot, lavender, and peppermint) are offered to patients.  These complimentary therapies are very helpful to most claustrophobic patients.

Pediatric Imaging Capabilities

Open MRI Eases Anxiety

Griffin Imaging & Diagnostics Center at Ivy Brook uses a Hitachi OASIS 1.2 Tesla high field, “truly open” MRI, which is ideal for pediatric imaging applications. With 270 degrees of “openness” and a very generous-sized table top, a parent can actually lie beside the pediatric patient during the scan for some neuro applications, or lean easily and comfortably into the
magnet to be inches away from their child for other applications.

Having a parent so close by to calm and reassure their child helps eliminate the need for sedation, relieving anxiety for both pediatric patients and parents.

It may be difficult for a child to keep absolutely still, especially if they’re scared or worried. The OASIS MRI’s ‘Radar’ motion suppression technology means image quality is not compromised by patient movement, so the technologist can insure optimum image quality for the reading radiologist and pediatrician.