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Who Should Be Screened for Diabetes?
According to the American Diabetes Association, everyone should be screened for diabetes beginning at age 45, and then every three years after that. If you have multiple risk factors (e.g, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, overweight), talk to your doctor about screening at an earlier age and screening more frequently.

What Does the Screening Involve?
The A1C test is the most commonly used. This is a quick and easy finger-stick screening that measures blood sugar levels following eight hours of fasting, as well as monitor blood sugar levels for those already diagnosed with the disease.

Why Get Screened?
Screening is especially important because early in the disease diabetes has no symptoms. Testing enables healthcare providers to find and treat diabetes before complications occur and to find and treat prediabetes, which can delay or prevent type 2 diabetes from developing.

If I Already Have Diabetes, What Tests Do I Need to Have?
There are several tests you need to have regularly if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Talk to your doctor about which ones you need and how often.