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As your partners in health, we believe a yearly visit to your doctor is critical piece to maintaining and managing your health for the long-term. Our wellness exams at Griffin Faculty Physicians focus on the prevention of serious diseases, so you stay healthy, avoid or delay the onset of diseases, and take control of your health. Here are the top five reasons why you should see your doctor each year:

1. Establish baselines. Getting a routine physical will help establish a baseline that will aid you and your doctor in making future healthcare decisions. In addition, having regular check-ups can uncover changes in your health over time.
2. Strengthen relationship between you and your doctor. People who have a good relationship with their doctors are more likely to go see them, be honest with them and listen to their doctor’s advice. To get the most out of your annual exam, it’s important to talk openly with your doctor so that he or she can personalize your care.
3. Set your health goals and work with your doctor to achieve them. As your personal care partner, your doctor will play an important role in helping you set and achieve your health goals for the near and short term. Similar to financial planning, setting personal health goals is an important part of planning for your future.
4. Educate Yourself. Use the annual exam to ask questions about your health, and learn more about your body and what you should be aware of; the more you know, the better you’ll be able to identify any possible warning signs in the future.
5. Discuss Screenings. When it comes to your body, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. The annual wellness exam is a good time to talk about what screenings might be right for you, including those that may not be top of mind, such as a colonoscopy or osteoporosis screening.

Note: If you are a Medicare recipient, you are entitled to an annual wellness exam at no cost. If you have commercial health insurance, you are entitled to an annual exam every year or every other year, depending upon your policy, generally at no cost to you. Please call your insurance company to clarify any questions about your coverage.