Home|Blog | Griffin Health Launches “Respect Our Caregivers” Campaign to Address Violence Against Healthcare Workers

In response to the significant increase in the rate of violence against healthcare workers both locally and nationwide, Griffin Health recently launched a “Respect Our Caregivers” campaign to help protect its caregivers and maintain Griffin’s healing environment.

Aligned with Griffin’s core values of respect, dignity, and fostering positive relationships, the “Respect Our Caregivers” campaign serves as a visible reminder, urging patients and visitors to join Griffin in its commitment to cultivating positive interactions. Griffin Health President and CEO recently revealed the “Respect Our Caregivers” campaign signage to Griffin Health Caregivers during his Annual State of the Hospital Meeting. The signage is being placed throughout Griffin’s facilities along with publicly viewable webpages and social media messaging dedicated to encouraging patients and visitors to honor these principles. Griffin caregivers were also given techniques to help de-escalate potentially contentious situations with patients and visitors.

The campaign signage requests that patients and visitors refrain from engaging in the following behaviors that disrupt healthcare delivery or create an unsafe and disrespectful atmosphere:

Patients or visitors that exhibit behavior jeopardizing the safety of patients or Griffin caregivers, may be subject to consequences, including the possibility of being asked to leave the healthcare facility.

The “Respect Our Caregivers” campaign puts a high priority on the well-being of patients and their caregivers, and supports Griffin’s commitment to exceptional patient-centered care in a healing environment that is warm and welcoming, preserves the safety and dignity of patients and their caregivers, and facilitates patients, caregivers, families, and visitors coming together in a spirit of mutual respect and support for one another.

For more information on the “Respect Our Caregivers” campaign, visit www.griffinhealth.org/griffin-hospital/culture-of-safety.