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DERBY, CT (December 21, 2006) – Griffin Hospital, is featured in the just published business book “The Disney Way” by authors Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson. Griffin Hospital is recognized nationally for its unique award winning healing environment and its Planetree patient-centered care model that together result in an exceptional hospital experience for patients and their families. Griffin Hospital is the first of seven company profiles that include Four Seasons Hotels, Ernst & Young, The Cheesecake Factory, Men’s Wearhouse, the Downtown School of Des Moines and John Robert’s Spa.

The authors cite the companies as role models who have redefined their businesses by embracing the “Disney” management philosophy of “dream, believe, dare, do”, a powerful foundation that will guide organizations to newfound levels of performance and success.

“Like Disney who created a magical experience by listening to his customers, Griffin Hospital has created an exceptional patient experience by listening to patients and their families and putting the patient first, said Capodagli. And, it’s not just about the milieu or accoutrements! Griffin Hospital has round the clock visiting, provides extensive information to patients about their disease and treatment and encourages them to read their medical record. Griffin Hospital and Disney are fanatical about customer service. No wonder Griffin Hospital achieves industry leading patient satisfaction ratings.”

“Griffin Hospitalis honored to be in the company of the innovators included in the book, said Patrick Charmel, Griffin’s President and CEO. It is a compliment to every employee, physician and volunteer who collectively make Griffin a very special place for those we serve.”

The original edition of “The Disney Way” published in 2001, was awarded a coveted “Best Business Book of the Year” by FORTUNE Magazine. For this updated version, the authors spent considerable time researching and visiting the companies profiled.