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The 20th Annual Hope Lives event raised $8,000 for breast cancer screening services at The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness at Griffin Hospital in Derby.

Hope Lives is a non-profit organization associated with Horizon of Hope, a national campaign by Longaberger Baskets to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer research and local breast cancer services. Maria Ammar, a Longaberger Stylist Consultant for more than 25 years, has organized the luncheon fundraiser as part of the campaign, raising over $120,000 for the Center.

Hope Lives has been raising funds for the Center for 20 years, and the Horizon of Hope program has raised over $20 million for breast health, education, awareness. The donation will be used to help local women pay for breast cancer screening services.

About The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness at Griffin Hospital

The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness at Griffin Hospital opened in 2011 and primarily serves the Lower Naugatuck Valley and surrounding communities. It combines state-of-the-art technology, a team of highly trained physicians and staff, and a Planetree healing environment to offer patients a comprehensive range of personalized breast care and wellness services.  The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness features two new, state-of-the-art digital mammography suites with 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) capability, a breast ultrasound suite, and the most advanced system available to perform stereotactic biopsy.  The Center also utilizes a rapid diagnostic model where patients are often given test results the same day imaging tests are performed, and if indicated, follow up testing (ultrasound, breast biopsy) and even consultation with a breast surgeon are often available the same day if the patient’s schedule permits. For more information, call 203-732-1300 or visit griffinhealth.org/cbw.