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Griffin Health & CVS Accountable Care Program

Great Benefits, No Extra Cost

If you receive traditional Medicare, you’re eligible to enroll in the Griffin Heath & CVS Accountable Care program, giving you an extra layer of support.

Enrolling in this program helps your providers better coordinate your care, saving you that extra trip or call to their office.

Your doctor and their staff may work behind the scenes with the CVS team to ensure you get the follow-up care you need when needed. Other care team members may contact you to provide additional support and guidance, always in close collaboration with your regular doctors.

This service is available at no additional cost and will not limit your existing Medicare benefits. As a beneficiary of CVS Accountable Care, you could access care coordination services such as:

How do I access these services?

Complete Form

Or Call CVS Accountable Care at (866) 204-2273
To enroll, you will need to know your provider’s name and your 11 digit Medicare number

Please note: You must have traditional Medicare Part A and B benefits. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, you are not eligible for this program.

Learn More About How to Get Advanced Benefits

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