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CT (Computed Tomography)


Low-dose with high accuracy.

One of the latest technological advances that Griffin Hospital has obtained is the GE Optima 660i 128 slice Computed Tomography (CT) system. This equipment provides rapidly acquired, highly detailed images of the human body. This scanner’s speed has reduced the length of time that patients spend on the CT scanner without compromising overall image quality.

The GE Optima 660i 128 slice CT scanner allows for the capture of multiple wafer-thin images of human anatomy within seconds while also providing exceptionally high-resolution images. This technology helps Radiologists to diagnose medical conditions with more accuracy than ever before possible.

The CT suite, with its own private waiting area, is staffed with a team of highly trained, board certified, state licensed technologists who are there to make your CT experience as comfortable as possible.

Our technical staff of CT professionals possess in-depth knowledge of CT imaging, and a commitment to provide exceptional service. This dedication and commitment speaks volumes toward our continued service to our patients and referring physicians.

The CT Department offers several amenities to patients that demonstrate Griffin Hospital’s commitment to the Planetree Model of Care:

CT Scan FAQs