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Hernia Repair

Advanced Hernia Treatment Options

The Center for Hernia Repair at Griffin Hospital specializes in all types of hernia repair from traditional to the latest advancement — laparoscopic hernia repair. Laparoscopic or “laser” surgery repair as it is mistakenly known, is a minimally invasive technique. Although both traditional and laparoscopic hernia surgery are performed on an outpatient basis, patients treated laparoscopically experience more rapid healing and less pain during recovery, enabling a quick return to normal activity. Recovery from traditional hernia repair may take several weeks. A comprehensive examination by a qualified surgeon is required to determine which technique is best suited for you.

Because laparoscopy requires extensive and specialized training, only a small number of surgeons throughout the country are qualified to perform these procedures. Griffin Hospital holds the distinction as the only community hospital in New England offering hands-on operating room training in laparoscopic hernia repair and is one of only three centers of excellence to offer this specialized training for surgeons. Our physician staff at the Center for Hernia Repair are among the leaders in performing this new procedure, using the latest imaging equipment and the most advanced instrumentation available. In this unique position, Griffin Hospital has been able to accumulate an extraordinary level of experience in hernia repair from the most common simple hernias to the most complex cases.

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