The importance of skin care

By Diane Betkoski on 7/5/2012

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on "wrinkle" creams, products to lighten age spots, and lotions to keep skin looking smooth and healthy. Too often, though, people are more concerned with how their skin looks than with keeping it healthy. The simplest (and cheapest) way to keep your skin healthier and looking younger is to stay out of the sun, but that's not always easy.

Heat Emergencies: Be Aware of the Critical Days of Summer

By Ken Roberts on 6/29/2012

If the weather forecast is correct, we may be in for the second heat wave of the season. With summer in full swing it's time to start thinking about the dangers associated with extreme heat conditions. Over the last 30 years, more people have died as a result of heat emergencies that other natural disasters combined.

Seeing a new way to treat glaucoma

By Ken Roberts on 6/18/2012

The future of treating glaucoma has come into view at Griffin Hospital.

Ultrasound, MRI scans can better detect cancer in dense breasts

By Ken Roberts on 6/14/2012

For some women, regular mammograms are not enough to beat breast cancer.

Gentlemen, if you please...

By Ken Roberts on 6/8/2012

The month of June is special to many people. For students (and teachers), it’s the end of classes and the start of summer. For families, it’s the beginning of vacations, road trips, and memories to be made. And for many people, it’s also a time to remember some important men in their lives with Father’s Day.

The Gift of Volunteerism

By Diane Betkoski on 6/1/2012

Volunteerism is synonymous with being American. In our school days, we volunteer for all sorts of clubs and groups. As we get older, the list could expand to committees, fundraising activities and fairs. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteerism, and many reasons why people choose to do it.

Taking the stigma out of cancer

By Ken Roberts on 5/25/2012

Raising awareness about cancer does more than just educate us about preventative health and encourage us to support research for a cure. Bringing cancer out into the open helps defeat the shame or fear that keeps us from going to the doctor or offering support to those diagnosed with the disease.

Time is critical during a stroke

By Ken Roberts on 5/21/2012

There’s a simple equation to successfully surviving a stroke: Time lost = brain lost.

Now where did I leave my...?

By Ken Roberts on 5/15/2012

Could lost keys or forgotten appointments be the result of what you eat?

Fall Prevention

By Diane Betkoski on 5/7/2012

As we age, there are a number of health issues brought to our attention that we may not have worried about in our younger years. Whether you are getting older or are concerned about a loved one, it's important to learn as much as possible about some of the health risks that accompany advancing age.