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Having Health Insurance Is Just the Start to Good Health

By Janet Maurice on 12/9/2014
Primary care physicians are your medical point persons when it comes to finding a specialist. If you have concerns about different treatment suggestions from specialists, a primary care physician can answer your questions and help you decide which approach works best for you.
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When Is Hot, Too Hot?

By Janet Maurice on 7/8/2014
Question: When is hot, too hot? Answer: When it compromises your health and leads to what is known as hyperthermia. People who are exposed to high temperatures increase their risk of experiencing heat-related illnesses depending upon the combination of outside temperature, their lifestyle and their general health.
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Be a Man. Go See a Doctor

By Janet Maurice on 6/9/2014
Even if you feel good, routine visits to the doctor are critical to long-lasting good health and waiting to see the doctor until symptoms are too bad to bear can make treatment and recovery more difficult.
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