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Hand Therapy at Griffin Hospital

Hand Therapy

Restoring function, improving lives.

Hand therapy is a highly specialized area of physical rehabilitation for patients with one or more of the following:

  • Traumatic injuries of the hand and arm that result in 
    • Wounds
    • Fractures 
    • Damage to the tendons, muscles and nerves
  • Soft tissue, nerve and joint conditions 
    • Tendinitis/tendinosis (e.g. tennis elbow) 
    • Nerve entrapment (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome) 
    • Arthritis


The Hand Therapy program at Griffin Hospital features the following procedures conducted by a Certified Hand Therapist or an occupational or physical therapist who has specialized skilled in the evaluation and management of hand and arm injuries:

  • Clinical and standardized evaluation and examination 
  • Acute pain management using physical agents and modalities 
  • Customized splint/orthotic design, fabrication, fitting and training to promote healing and improve function 
  • Therapeutic exercise program and manual interventions designed to improve muscle strength and endurance and joint motion and flexibility 
  • Training in the performance of personal occupations or valued daily life activities, leisure and work duties using environmental, task and instrumental adaptations 
  • Ergonomic evaluation, work safety training, and recommendations to improve workstations 
  • Sensory re-education or desensitization following direct nerve trauma 
  • Conditioning prior to return to usual occupations in the home, work and community