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Griffin Hospital's Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema Management

Reducing swelling for improved health.

Griffin Hospital's Lymphedema Management Program is designed for individuals with upper or lower extremity edema following surgery or trauma/injury or insidious in nature.

Treatment Programs

Comprehensive evaluation and development of individualized treatment programs including:

  • Treatment program consisting of customized manual therapy, manual lymph drainage, compression therapy and exercise approach
  • Home program - instruction in self massage and an exercise program individualized for you
  • Compression therapy - wrapping/bandaging program, vasopneumatic compression pump, compression garment fitting
  • Education - precautions, prevention and management/treatment program


Common precautions to observe and discuss with your physician are as follows:

  • Skin care: keep you skin clean and moisturized, and check for cuts, irritations or infections
  • Do not allow injections, blood draw or blood pressure checks on affected arm
  • Do not get your cuticles cut during a manicure
  • Use protective coverings when sewing, cooking, cleaning, or gardening
  • Use care around pets, animals prone to scratch
  • Use care with large projects or heavy and repetitive activities. Plan large projects over several days and discuss with you physician the right amount of activity for you.