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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Who should attend Pulmonary Rehab?

Our program is designed for those living with chronic lung diseases whose symptoms are compromising their quality of life and well-being. Examples include:

  • COPD, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema
  • Bronchiectasis
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Lung Cancer


What can I expect?


Our Pulmonary Rehab team will develop an individualized, sixteen-week program tailored to meet your specific needs by providing you with exercise training and comprehensive education on a variety of topics.

  • Small group weekly education session
  • One (1) hour of individually-prescribed exercise during each session

Your response and progress will be closely monitored by either a Respiratory Therapist or Exercise Physiologist.

We will use a variety of exercise equipment during your program:

  • Treadmills
  • Stationary bikes
  • Rowing machines
  • Stair-climbing machines
  • Free weights

Group educational sessions may include:

  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Proper medication use and technique
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Relaxation and stress management skills
  • Energy conservation strategies
  • Safe oxygen use


What are the benefits of Pulmonary Rehab?


You may experience the following as a result of participating in Pulmonary Rehab:

  • Decreased symptoms and shortness of breath
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved exercise tolerance
  • Increased independence
  • Less use of oxygen and medication

To get started with Phase II, speak to your pulmonologist, or call us directly at 203-732-7106. Your physician will need to complete a referral form.

Program Referral Form


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For more information, contact us at 203-732-7106.