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Join us for the Valley Health Insurance Summit

With today’s tumultuous economy and tight labor market, an innovative health insurance strategy has never been more critical to maintaining a successful business.

The KFF 2022 Employer Health Benefits Survey noted that health insurance deductibles have increased 111%, and premiums for family health insurance plans have increased 55% since 2010 As reported in the 2022 McKinsey Healthcare Stakeholder survey, more than 70% of employers stated that premium increases above 4% would be unsustainable.  As a result, employers are seeking solutions to control health insurance costs, without increasing employee contributions.

Griffin Health Employee Wellness specializes in helping companies and organizations improve their bottom line with a proven, personalized approach that lowers health insurance costs while making their workforce healthier. At the Valley Health Insurance Summit, you will hear from healthcare leaders who have redefined health insurance coverage and gain insights into how Griffin can help to reduce employer and worker healthcare costs, improve worker productivity, and give your company a competitive advantage for the future.

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You will also enjoy a complimentary breakfast, on-site biometric health screening, and participate in a hands-on cooking class at Griffin’s Teaching Kitchen that will allow you to taste, touch and smell a delicious and healthy gourmet meal prepared by Griffin’s Executive Chef. The screening and healthy cooking class are just two of the many ways Griffin Health Employee Wellness empowers employees to reduce their healthcare costs with lifestyle changes that enhance their well-being.

Event Details

Valley Health Insurance Summit at Quarry Walk: 

Virtual Sneak Peek 30-minute Preview Event

Gain valuable insights into health insurance cost drivers in a 30-minute conversation with Hospital Executive Todd Liu, who will share strategies that can reduce healthcare costs, improve employee wellness, and navigate the insurance landscape. Multiple dates available through June. Secure your date now, contact information below.

Upcoming “Sneak Peeks” are being scheduled. Stay tuned!

To register please contact Garrie Krueger at gkrueger@griffinhealth.org, or 203-944-3802.