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Griffin Health is helping individuals get a fresh perspective on well-being with a new session of its Wellness for Life program starting Aug. 17 in Oxford.

Wellness for Life is a 12-week lifestyle change program designed to equip individuals who are ready to take ownership of their health with Lifestyle Medicine knowledge and skills. Lifestyle Medicine is a unique medical specialty that focuses on using evidence-based approaches in eating healthfully, managing stress, achieving regular physical activity and restorative sleep, and fostering meaningful social connections and support systems to improve one’s quality of life and prevent and manage chronic conditions.

The Wellness for Life program will be held every Tuesday from 4:30-6 p.m., starting Aug. 17 and concluding Nov. 2 at Griffin’s Center for Healthy Living at Quarry Walk, 300 Oxford Rd., Oxford.

The program offers one-on-one meetings with an internal medicine/preventive medicine physician who has expertise in Lifestyle Medicine, custom fitness evaluation with an exercise physiologist, individual nutritional guidance from a registered dietitian, an activity monitor, and small, interactive health seminars so participants can make and sustain healthy lifestyle habits in their day-to-day lives.

“At Wellness for Life, you’ll learn about your current habits and really look into how you can build healthy lifestyle habits into your routines and get your family, coworkers, and other loved ones in on your journey,” said Wellness for Life Program Co-Director Dr. Victoria Costales. “While this is not easy to do, it’s well worth the effort, time, and creativity. It’s been such a joy to see our participants take a hold of the material, make it a practical part of their lives, and see the great changes in themselves and those they love, live with, and work with.”

Wellness for Life focuses on hands-on learning, individual reflection on Lifestyle Medicine concepts, and weekly group educational and physical activity sessions to help each participant establish healthy lifestyle habits that lead to overall health and well-being as well as prevent and manage chronic conditions.

Since the Program’s inception in 2012, Wellness for Life participants who have incorporated these healthy lifestyle habits into their routines have seen increases in their regular physical activity, healthy eating habits, improved sleep, resilience through stress management, better control of chronic conditions like high blood pressure, and preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes.

For more information about Wellness for Life, visit griffinhealth.org or call Center for Healthy Living Coordinator at 203-732-1369 to register.