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The Griffin Community Garden is on the grow thanks to some help from members of the Derby Middle School National Junior Honors Society.

Guided by Garden Leader Robin Michalak and representatives from Massaro Farm, the students planted seeds and seedlings for Swiss chard, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, sun gold tomatoes, lettuce, okra, peas, carrots, parsley, beans, radishes and zinnias on May 31.

Opened in 2018, the Griffin Community Garden is designed to engage its neighbors to actively participate in selecting, planting, maintaining, harvesting, and preserving fresh, nutritious produce. The garden is part of Griffin’s commitment to its Planetree patient-centered care which stresses the importance of nutrition for overall health and well-being. The ultimate goal of the Garden is to help increase access to free healthy fruits and vegetables for area residents and encourage them to start their own gardens and improve their eating habits, helping alleviate one of the biggest social obstacles to good health.

Students who took part in the planting were seventh graders: Mikaila Briscoe; Julianna Camara; Farrest Fisher; Emilia Hejmowski; Isael Martinez; Veer Patel; Emma Smith; and Maya Winkowski, and eighth graders: David Anroman; Lyssa Arcanjo; Miana Burke; Wilfredo Castillo; Brianna Fernandez; Mia Polis; Izabella Rodriguez; Jonathan Rodriguez; Kayla Rodwell; Simran Soni; Scarlett Tamay; Mary Vivar Gonzalez; and Rhema Woolcock.

Griffin Health plans to host free community events in the garden, including cooking demonstrations and gardening talks, to enhance healthy eating in its community. Information will be available on the events calendar at griffinhealth.org and its Facebook and Instagram accounts.