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Griffin Hospital is Connecticut’s most socially responsible hospital, according to the Lown Institute’s 2022 Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility.

The Index is the first ranking to measure social responsibility of more than 3,600 U.S. hospitals nationwide and applies never-before-used metrics such as racial inclusivity, avoidance of overuse, and community benefit. Griffin was ranked #1 of 26 hospitals in the state and #157 nationwide for social responsibility.

According to the Index, Griffin received “A” grades for social responsibility, value of care, avoiding overuse, cost efficiency, patient outcomes, and clinical outcomes. It also ranked first in the state for patient outcomes, clinical outcomes and cost efficiency, as well as fourth in value of care and fifth for inclusivity.

The Lown Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility utilizes more than 50 metrics to assess how well hospitals succeed at being care providers, employers, and community partners. Data sources include Medicare claims, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services patient safety data and hospital cost reports, and IRS 990 forms, among others. The value score reflects hospitals’ avoidance of unnecessary care and ability to achieve good outcomes without overspending. Data sources include Medicare claims and Medicare payment data from 2018-2020.

Vikas Saini, MD, president of the Lown Institute, said the U.S. needs socially responsible hospitals like Griffin.

“These hospitals prove you can save Medicare dollars and deliver great patient outcomes at the same time,” said Dr. Saini. “That’s why it’s so important to lift up these high-performing hospitals as examples for others to follow.”

Learn more about the Lown Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility at www.LownHospitalsIndex.org.

About the Lown Institute

Founded in 1973 by Nobel Peace Prize winner Bernard Lown, MD, developer of the defibrillator and cardioverter, the Lown Institute believes that a radically better system of health is possible and generates bold ideas towards that goal. The Lown Institute Hospitals Index for Social Responsibility is a signature project of the Institute and features measures never used before like racial inclusivity, avoidance of overuse, and pay equity.