Home|Blog | Seymour Pink Donates $80,000 for New Breast Ultrasound Technology at Hewitt Center for Breast Wellnes

Seymour Pink recently helped to enhance the accuracy of breast ultrasound screenings at The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness at Griffin Hospital.

The community breast cancer fundraising organization donated $80,000 to the Center for the purchase of an advanced RS85 Prestige ultrasound system which provides images with superior quality and other technological advances, including elastography, an emerging sonographic imaging technique that provides information on breast lesions in addition to conventional ultrasonography and mammography. Recent studies show that ultrasonographic elastography (USE) provides higher diagnostic accuracy compared with conventional ultrasonography during breast cancer diagnosis, which eventually helps to reduce false-positive results and therefore is useful in avoiding breast biopsy.

Breast ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the inside of the breast. It can show certain breast changes that can be harder to see on mammograms. Ultrasound can be especially helpful in women with dense breast tissue, which can make it hard to see abnormal areas on mammograms.

“The Valley is very near and dear to us and they have supported Seymour Pink for all these years, so this is how we give back to the community,” said Seymour Pink Board of Directors President Mary Deming. “We’re also very tied into helping women with dense breast tissue and this precise technology will help find cancers more easily before they spread.”

For more information about Seymour Pink, visit seymourpink.com. For more information about The Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness, visit griffinhealth.org/breast.