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Breathe Easier this August


With summer’s humidity and poor air quality upon us, “Breathing Lessons” by  Dr. MeiLan Han, MD, is your guide to understanding and improving your respiratory health and its implications.

Dr. Han delves into the intricacies of lung function, breathing techniques, and strategies to enhance respiratory well-being. The book serves as a timely guide, offering practical advice on how to navigate the difficulties posed by environmental factors such as humidity and poor air quality.  As Connecticut faces the often-oppressive August humidity and its accompanying challenges, “Breathing Lessons” equips readers with a toolkit of knowledge to mitigate the effects. The book’s emphasis on actionable solutions, from proper breathing techniques to lifestyle adjustments, offers much-needed relief to individuals grappling with the adverse effects of humid conditions. Additionally, Dr. Han’s insights benefits those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, aiding them in managing symptoms and improving their overall quality of life.