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Cook Smart, Eat Well: Mayo Clinic recipes and strategies for healthy living

Start eating healthier in 2024 with Cook Smart, Eat Well: Mayo Clinic recipes and strategies for healthy living.

Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Executive Chef Jennifer Welper brings you her expert tips, strategies, and more than 100 recipes to make healthy cooking at home more flavorful, less time-consuming, and a routine part of a healthy lifestyle.

To improve your health and well-being, go beyond the idea of quick and easy recipes to establish smarter, time-saving habits in the kitchen. Learn how to take a fresh approach to healthy eating by cooking more efficiently, using simple ingredients with bold flavors, and meal prepping with ease, so you can enjoy nutritious meals all week long. In addition, this photo-illustrated guide gives cooks of any level solid footing in the kitchen by helping you hone your cooking skills and learn time-saving shortcuts. You’ll find Jen’s best tips for investing in essential basic equipment, finding quality ingredients, mastering preparation methods, familiarizing yourself with a variety of spices and sauces, and safely storing and reheating leftovers.

With Cook Smart, Eat Well, learn how to plan meals, prep food efficiently, and minimize your cooking time to make eating satisfying, nutritious meals part of your healthy lifestyle.