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Wellness Starts with Staying Healthy

Griffin Health Services offers a wide variety of wellness programs and health education classes to help you and your family achieve a healthy lifestyle. Let our health experts guide and assist you in making a health and wellness plan that works for you. Fitness, nutrition, stress management, chronic disease management…there’s lots to think about and always something to learn. We look forward to helping you and your family stay healthy throughout life.

Wellness Programs & Classes

Diabetes T2 Lifestyle Change: Diabetes Prevention Program

T2 Lifestyle Change is a Diabetes Prevention Program that is evidence-based and sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



GlucoseZone is a digital health exercise solution that helps patients reduce body weight, improve A1C, and lower medication requirements by offering exercise guidance based on diabetes type, real-time blood sugar levels, and other biometrics.


Healthy for Life

Healthy for Life with Elevated Blood Sugar is a free, six-week program for individuals diagnosed with either pre-diabetes or diabetes to help them manage their elevated blood sugar in several ways, including education on healthy eating, weight management, and physical activity.


Heart Health Workshop

The Heart Health Workshop is a free, three-week workshop that provides health education on heart disease with an emphasis on the management of hypertension and elevated cholesterol.


Tobacco Cessation Program That’s It – Learn to Quit

Griffin Hospital offers free tobacco cessation classes throughout the year for anyone ready to quit smoking.


Teaching Kitchen Food Is Medicine Series

The Griffin Center for Healthy Living Teaching Kitchen Food Is Medicine Series is a free program that provides nutrition-related education and resources in an interactive, real-world kitchen environment.


Weight-Management Exercise Program

Griffin Hospital offers a medically supervised Weight Management Exercise Program for people who are on a weight loss journey and would benefit from the support of medical professionals.


Weight-Loss Toolkit Well-being Program

This six-week program provides tools and tips for sustained weight loss, such as creating individualized meal plans and proven weight-loss exercises.


Wellness for Life

Our 12-week, evidence-based lifestyle change program increases vitality by giving individuals the tools and support to prevent and treat many chronic diseases.