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Perioperative Anesthesia

The Use of Medicine to Prevent Pain During Surgery

It’s typical to have questions or concerns about anesthesia as you prepare for your surgery. The thought of being unconscious, even if temporary, can be frightening.

However, understanding the basics about what anesthesia is, and how it works may help answer your questions and reduce some of your anxieties.

Is essence, anesthesia is the use of medicine to prevent the feeling of pain or sensation. This prevention of pain or sensation is desired during surgery or other procedures that might be painful (such as getting stitches or having a wart removed). Often given as an injection, you can also receive anesthesia through inhaled gases or vapors. When different types of anesthesia are administered, the nervous system is affected in in various ways by blocking the nerve impulses that cause pain.

Griffin Hospital’s, highly trained professionals use a wide variety of safe, modern medications. Reliable monitoring technologies are used by your anesthesiologist to ensure your continued safety, before and during your surgery. An anesthesiologist is a doctor who specializes in giving and managing anesthetics, the common name for the medications that numb an area of the body or help you fall and stay asleep during your procedure.

Your Griffin Hospital anesthesiologist will also:

In addition to your Anesthesiologist, your team will typically include a specially trained certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), resident physician, or student nurse anesthetist, who work with the anesthesiologist and surgeon, and may assist in giving you anesthesia.

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Anesthesia FAQs

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