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We regularly receive letters from former patients, their families, and friends describing their experience and the care received at Griffin Hospital. We look forward to these letters and the stories they tell about our how our employees, physicians and volunteers made their experience at Griffin Hospital unique and more humanistic. Whenever possible we share these letters with all of our staff and above all, with those mentioned. The letters capture the essence and compassion of the personalized patient-centered care we provide and further reinforce and remind us that we are an organization whose main goal is to heal people and to provide comfort to family members and friends.

The following are some of the letters received over that past several years. Some of the names of the senders and/or patients have been removed for privacy reasons.

Comments, letters, and testimonials about Griffin Hospital in Derby, Connecticut.


I was recently a inpatient twice during the past month.  I would just like to say that the staff at your hospital is wonderful!  Everyone who was involved in my care - the doctors, nurses, food service, housekeeping, chaplains and volunteers made my stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as any hospital stay can be! 

Kym Shelton


Through the implementation of the Planetree philosophy, Griffin Hospital does an amazing job at making patients and visitors feel welcome. It is nice to know that the patient comes first and that everyone is genuinely excited about working at Griffin. This excitement and caring is sincerely felt throughout the hospital from the nurses on the floor to the ambassadors at the front door, from the employees in the pharmacy to the employees in the cafeteria.

You truly have created a unique culture throughout the hospital; a caring community, if you will.

Many thanks to you and your staff for providing my sister-in-law and her family with the "Griffin" or "Planetree" experience.

Thank you for all you do.



I would like to thank Ken Roberts and Diane Betkoski for arranging the Lunch & Learn Tour of Griffin Hospital and the Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital for members of the Seymour Senior Center. It was an enlightening tour of the facilities and services provided by Griffin Hospital. Many times people in the community only see the hospital as a patient or visiting a patient, and have no idea of the many services that are provided. The group also enjoyed the talk that Dr. Shyla Muriel gave on the aging process. Many thanks to all.

Lucy McConologue, Director of Senior Services at Seymour Senior Center


Dear Patrick Charmel,

I was recently a patient at the Digestive Disorders Center. The care that I received was exceptional. My physician, Dr. Harold Schwartz, and the entire departmental staff were extremely caring and professional during my short stay. They answered any questions I may have had and were very compassionate.

I have had the same procedures performed there in the past and always receive the same compassionate care each time. I am never hesitant about going to this department because they make you feel so relaxed and comfortable.

A special "thank you" to Dr. Schwartz and the entire staff of the Digestive Disorders Center. May God bless all of you!

K.M. - Ansonia, CT


To the wonderful women of the Hewitt Center for Breast Wellness,

It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of women. Even when things get busy and hectic, you look out for each other and work together as a team. It was an honor to be part of your team and I will miss you all. Thank you again.

Laura Sheiman, MD

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