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The Wound Healing Center at Griffin Hospital

Key Benefits

Our comprehensive program for healing problem wounds provides the following key benefits to both patients and healthcare providers:

  • Standardized care, via critical pathways, that is cost effective and improves positive patient outcomes.
  • Multi-specialty care team of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals that have advanced training and are accredited in wound care. Case management approach to care that provides individualized treatment plans and coordination of wound care with ongoing health care.
Becoming a Patient

The Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at Griffin Hospital is prepared to help you with all your wound healing needs. We welcome patients with or without a physician referral, and most major insurances are accepted. For more information or to make an appointment, call The Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at 203-732-7140.

Access Our Care

Patients may directly access care at the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center or they may be referred by physician or caregivers. Please contact the program coordinator to schedule an initial assessment.

Comprehensive Wound Healing Center

Preserving and improving quality of life

Our Comprehensive Wound Healing Center's purpose is to preserve and improve quality of life by providing a comprehensive program of clinical wound care. We believe by proactively addressing wound care problems within a dedicated clinical center of excellence we can optimize clinical outcomes in a cost-effective manner. We believe in integrating all the appropriate medical disciplines, both within and outside the Center, through a uniform program of clinical pathways and protocols.

This structured multidisciplinary approach to care enables us to determine root causes of resistance to healing and achieve resolution through an individualized patient care plan. We are committed to providing our patients optimal care with dignity and respect. Every consideration is given to accommodate patients' physical, spiritual and emotional needs as an integral part of the healing process. Wellness and prevention education is an essential part of our care plans.

Healing a Wound

For most people, wound healing is a natural, uneventful process. For some individuals, however, it becomes a complex medical problem requiring specialized treatment and care. The Comprehensive Wound Healing Center provides a multidisciplinary program of treatment and support services for the cost-effective management of acute and chronic problem wounds. Our full continuum of care includes extensive wound assessment, treatment based on advanced medical methodologies, pain management, patient education and support services. Since problem wounds are often associated with other underlying medical conditions, our program is specifically designed to integrate wound care with ongoing health care. We coordinate wound treatment plans with the patient's primary care and specialty care physicians to ensure that each patient's individual needs are met.


Call The Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at (203) 732-7140.

Wound Therapies

Problem wounds create a complex set of challenges. At the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center, we provide a full range of services for effective wound treatment and management of associated medical conditions. Our comprehensive services are designed to ensure cost-effective, standardized care with the flexibility to develop individualized treatment plans.

We provide an extensive assessment of the wound site as well as the patient health factors that may be affecting the wound healing process.

Our multidisciplinary team develops individualized treatment plans that include wound care management and appropriate adjunctive therapies.

All patient care is coordinated with primary care and specialty care providers to ensure a fully integrated treatment plan for the patient's overall well-being.

Patients and caregivers are provided with education on wound care at home and lifestyle adjustments to facilitate the healing process. Effective management techniques for underlying medical conditions are also taught with emphasis given to proper patient compliance.

The treatment team reviews all of needs of patients including wound care products, assistive devices and at-home wound care. Detailed patient instructions are provided along with a plan for ongoing follow-up.

Psychosocial support services are requested to help patients and caregivers cope with the demands of wound treatment regiments and any necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Promoting the Process

The Comprehensive Wound Healing Center provides a wide range of therapies specifically designed to help promote the healing process.

The treatment team has advanced training in the techniques of thorough wound debridement (removal of dead tissue). Foreign material and dead tissue must be removed so that underlying healthy tissue can regenerate.

Patients are assessed for nutritional status and regularly monitored by the team to ensure adequate levels of nutrients to promote healing. Patient treatment plans include individualized dietary plans.

Patients with pressure wounds are assessed to determine their risk for developing additional wounds as well as relieving pressure on existing wounds. Appropriate support surfaces such as special beds, mattresses, seat cushions or appropriate footwear are prescribed to reduce or relieve pressure on existing wounds and areas of weakened tissue.

Appropriate wound and blood cultures or biopsies are performed to identify cause(s) of infection. A detailed assessment is then made to determine the optimum anti-biotic management program.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy may be used on wounds located in lower extremities. Elastic stockings or bandages are applied to increase venous blood return, prevent blood pooling and decrease edema. Other forms of compression therapy may be also used.

Hyperbaric (high pressure) oxygen therapy is available and administered to patients in specially designed hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Breathing pure oxygen increases the level of oxygen in the bloodstream to promote wound healing by stimulating new vascular growth and facilitating the ?normal? wound healing process in the compromised patient. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also plays an important role in treating acute and traumatic wounds such as necrotizing fasciitis, clostridial myonecrosis, crush injuries and surgical complications.

When needed, patients have the support of occupational and physical therapists for rehabilitation, as well as speech therapists to assess swallowing ability.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Accredited by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)