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Care Partner Program at Griffin Hospital

Griffin Hospital Care Partner Program

Family and friends are a vital part of the healing process, Griffin Hospital's Care Partner Program provides an opportunity for a patient’s loved ones to be involved with their care.

Griffin's Care Partner Program provides an introduction to the basic care a patient may need at home following his or her discharge. The person who will be providing care at home would be an ideal Care Partner, but anyone selected by the patient can be a Care Partner.

  • To enhance the involvement of family and friends in the hospital experience.
  • To provide the opportunity for Care Partners to participate in patient education in the physical, emotional and spiritual support of patients.

Anyone a patient chooses to participate in his or her care can be a Care Partner, including family members and friends.

Responsibilities of the Care Partner may include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping with menu selection, meals, snacks and feeding
  • Providing personal care – for example, bathing, massage, nail care
  • Learning simple dressing changes
  • Monitoring intake and output
  • Helping with walking/wheelchair trips
  • Managing comfort of patient by visiting, reading to, sitting with, and offering support as needed
  • Acting as spokesperson to family and friends regarding the patient’s progress
  • Helping with other needs the patient may have
  • Care Partners will be trained by the unit nurses to help with routine care and assist the patient during his or her hospital stay.
  • Nurses will be responsible for documentation, evaluation and supervision of their patient’s Care Partner.
  • Care Partners will be considered visitors with regard to hospital policies and liability.
  • All Care Partners will wear an identification badge.
  • Care Partners will be given a journal to document these activities/events in the medical record if appropriate.

For more information, or if you’d like to become a Care Partner, please speak with your loved one’s nurse.