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Griffin Hospital’s Critical Care Unit cares for the most critically ill patients that come to us. This care is always performed with compassion, empathy and good humor, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

The Critical Care Unit at Griffin Hospital is a family-centered unit with a unique care philosophy that supports the Planetree model of care. This patient-centered approach to care encourages patients and their families to be active participants in the entire care process. Families are given around-the-clock access to their loved ones; a model not found in many hospital units. Planetree is a national, non-profit based at Griffin Hospital that promotes patient centered care.

Family access in the critical care areas of hospitals is essential, and yet in most hospitals across the country, it is the least accommodating. Griffin’s CCU is a model for our nation’s hospitals.”

Susan Frampton, President of Planetree

Griffin Hospital’s Critical Care Unit was designed to eliminate barriers between patients and visitors. It provides comfortable living spaces on the outside of each patient room for visitors. In addition, each private room has a door for direct access for visitors.

Monitoring technology and nurse stations are located in the center of the unit to maintain constant lines of vision to the patients, yet allow free movement and quiet, restful space to be maintained on the outside perimeter of the unit.

Every effort has been made to create a better healing environment using familiar furnishings, natural colors and wood finishes instead of metals, bright colors, and generic building materials. Natural lighting and artwork in each room were added to reduce anxiety, lift spirits, and encourage social interaction.


In critical care nursing, teamwork is key, and we have that here at Griffin Hospital. You and your family will find nurses who care for and bond with our patients, their family members and one another.

The Critical Care Unit is led by Dr. Myra Chaisson, a pulmonologist and intensivist with specialty training in sleep medicine. Intensivists specialize in the care of critically ill patients and raise the level of care for patients with life threatening illnesses.