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Occupational Medicine & Employee Wellness

Your Workforce is Your Most Valuable Asset

Griffin Health is proud to support the Valley Chamber of Commerce as we partner to empower people and advance care in the communities we serve.

Griffin’s commitment to person-centered care drives us to support the business community through our occupational medicine services, including pre-employment screenings, workplace injury management, and ergonomic evaluations, ensure the safety and well-being of Valley workforces. Additionally, our employee wellness programs promote physical and mental health through biometric screenings, fitness challenges, nutrition education, and stress management tools, fostering a productive workplace environment.

Employee Wellness

Griffin Health Employee Wellness specializes in helping companies and organizations improve their bottom line by offering a proven, personalized approach to lower health insurance costs while making their workforce healthier. We offer a true partnership to improve your employee health plan performance with analysis of health claims, an innovative value-based insurance plan design, employee biometric screenings and support, health education programs, and plan member navigation services.

Griffin Health Employee Wellness specializes in helping companies and organizations improve their bottom line by:

Click here to learn about how Griffin Health Employee Wellness has helped area businesses control health coverage costs and benefit from a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Click here to learn more about the innovative Griffin Center for Healthy Living with resources available to our employee wellness clients.

For more information, contact Griffin Health Employee Wellness at 203-944-3718 ext. 107.

Occupational Medicine

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. Make sure they are protected, respected and ready to perform at their best.

The health and well-being of your employees is vital to the success or your business or organization. Maintaining a high level of workforce safety and productivity requires an experienced and trusted partner who values your workforce as much as you do. Griffin Health Occupational Medicine provides convenient, comprehensive and compassionate care for employee testing and health evaluations so you can be confident they are healthy, safe and ready to do their jobs.

Why Choose Griffin Health Occupational Medicine

For more information, visit Occupational Medicine & Rehabilitation Services | Griffin Health or contact Griffin Occupational Medicine at (203) 944-3718 or email GKrueger@Griffinhealth.org.