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That’s It! Learn to Quit!

Griffin Health’s Free Tobacco Cessation Program

Griffin Hospital offers a free tobacco cessation program throughout the year for anyone ready to quit smoking. Sessions are 90 minutes, once a week, for six weeks.


According to a study by the American Lung Association, 6 out of 10 former smokers are not able to quit on their first try. In fact, most individuals experience multiple quit attempts.

That’s It! Learn to Quit! will help you to acknowledge and honor your past successes. The goal of the program is to help you to learn how to quit without the guilt, shame, and fear of failure. There are different methods of quitting and managing nicotine withdrawal. If one method did not work in the past, there are others to try.

Through group discussions and interactive activities, you will learn how to develop a quit-plan that addresses your own personal behaviors, habits, and your relationship with cigarettes/cigars/vape. Strategies to manage nicotine withdrawal, behaviors, triggers and urges are all discussed, as well as weight control and stress management. Come learn with, and from others just this you.

Register online at one of the sessions below or call The Griffin Center for Healthy Living Coordinator at 203-732-1369.

Upcoming sessions are listed below. Join us and become a quitter!

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