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Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic radiosurgery isn’t actually surgery at all, but a noninvasive radiation therapy that treats cancerous and noncancerous tumors. The advanced technologies in the system allow our skilled team to target a precise beam of high-dose radiation at a tumor, while limiting exposure to healthy cells surrounding the tumor.

With stereotactic radiosurgery, we can treat a variety of conditions throughout the body, including inoperable tumors near the lungs, brain, and spine. While this treatment isn’t a replacement for all radiation therapies and surgery, it is a revolutionary way to treat inoperable or surgically complex tumors.

Greater Dose, Greater Precision, Greater Comfort

The biggest difference between stereotactic radiosurgery and traditional radiation therapy is the strength of the radiation delivered. Because we can target tumors so precisely, we can deliver a much higher dose of radiation without fear of damaging nearby cells. This increased dosage allows patients to complete their treatment in 1 to 5 short sessions that make healing less stressful and more convenient. Other benefits of a higher, more precise dose of radiation include:

Advanced Technologies Provide Unparalleled Precision

We are able to deliver such a concentrated and precise dose of radiation thanks to a variety of robotic technologies that work in unison. Stereotactic radiosurgery achieves real-time motion synchronization by tracking the exact location of tumors even as patients breathe or tissues inside the body move. This means that an ultra-concentrated beam of radiation can precisely target a tumor during every second of treatment.

This technology is so precise that the radiation will never stray more than a sub-millimeter off the targeted cancerous cells. With minimal radiation reaching your healthy tissues, you’ll be at lower risk for side effects and experience a better quality of life after treatment.

Meet Our Skilled and Caring Team

During each step of your stereotactic radiosurgery therapy, you’ll be accompanied by a team of experts dedicated to guiding you through planning, imaging, and delivering your treatment. Visit The Center for Cancer Care to meet the multidisciplinary team in charge of your care.

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